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Orange Peel For Natural Glow

Orange Peel For Natural Glow


Orange peel powder face  can be beneficial for eliminating excess oil from your skin but without harming the natural occurring essential oil. For moisturizing your skin and to making it glow naturally,  vitamin C & E combination with natural citric acid works to  improve your skin tone. Aids in fighting skin problems such as acne and pimples without drying your skin. Tightends the skin and helps fight off wrinkles. For first few minutes, slight tingling in the skin after application is natural 

  • How to use


    Make a soothing face mask by mixing orgnane peel powder with honey or yogurt for a hydrating and nourishing treatment for your skin or simply with cold water. 

    For first few minutes, slight tingling in the skin after application is natural. 

    Apply generously all over your neck and face. Keep it on for 5/10 minutes, rinse off, and enjoy the glow!

  • Benefits

    Get glowing & youthful skin

    Powered with Vitamin C, orange peel powder restores the elasticity of the skin, fights wrinkles, and wards off other signs of premature aging such as crow’s feet around the eyes, skin sagging, and more. It gives you youthful radiance and is effective in delaying skin aging.

    It combats Acne

    Orange peel powder can remove acne breakouts. Its citric acid capabilities control excess sebum production and cleanse the skin well to ensure no blocked pores. This makes certain you have your solution for your acne-prone skin and minimum flare-ups in the future.

    Get soft & supple skin

    The potassium factor of orange peel powder ensures that your skin is nourished with ample moisture and retains its softness. It prevents skin dehydration and supports new skin cell growth while assisting in healing blemishes and scars. Orange peel powder is a potent ingredient that is highly effective in getting smoother and softer skin.

    It Exfoliates Skin Well

    We all need to exfoliate well once a week to deep cleanse our skin. Orange peel powder, being finer than salt or sugar granules, performs an excellent job as a skin exfoliator.

    It gets rid of everyday grime, and dead skin cells, removes blackheads, and whiteheads, unclogs pores, and ensures skin renewal. Make applying an orange peel powder pack your way to clean and clear skin that radiates a healthy glow.

    Get an even tone

    The bleaching effect of orange peel powder reduces skin pigmentation, dark spots, and scars due to acne & skin infections. It evens out your tone & smoothens your skin texture by increasing collagen production, ensuring you enjoy a beautiful complexion.

    No More Inflamed Skin

    Super ingredient to healthy skin that makes you feel good is orange peel powder. Orange peel powder exudes anti-inflammatory properties that help prevent sun damage and heal any inflammation caused due to skin infections or other factors.

    Skin Hydration

    Dehydrated skin is dull skin. Orange peel powder gives your skin the hydration dose it needs, moisturizes it well, and keeps it radiating a healthy glow. By locking in the necessary moisture, it relieves flaky and itchy skin.

    Vitamin A For Skin Pampering

    Rich in Vitamin A, orange peel powder strengthens the dermal layer, irons out fine lines, boosts blood flow to the face, and takes good care of your skin. Make sure that your skin has a constant supply of oxygen and keep it clear with an orange peel powder pack.

    Slows down skin cell aging

    The antioxidant-packed orange peel powder fights harmful free radicals that damage the cell membrane, prevent oxidation, and keeps your skin youthful and radiant.

  • Ingredients

    Orange peel  powder, with its natural  ingredients, it is free from any artificial additives, preservatives or fillers, ensuring you get the purest form of this powerful powder. 

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