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Overcome Stress With Ayurveda

Symptoms of anxiety include stress, high anger levels, unstable relationships, fatigue, headache, inability to sleep, health issues due to stress and more.

Considering how stress can cause long-term problems, it is essential to understand how stress can be tackled, and one way to do so is going the Ayurvedic way. Ayurveda, since centuries has assisted individuals in overcoming or controlling stress effectively. Moreover, Ayurvedic practices are easy to follow and understand and can easily fit into your busy schedule.

Body Balance Busy and chaotic working culture can often make our minds restless. Also, one may also start to feel as if there is not enough time in the day to do certain things. Stress related to work, finance, and even relationships starts affecting our inner balance and health. If you feel that you are in a stressful relationship, it could take a toll on your emotional resilience.

It is essential to restore the inner connection that you have lost due to stress and meditation is one of the best ways to do so. Transcendental meditation especially enables individuals to feel and understand what is going on in their mind. In the process, our mind, heart, body become integrated, and the inner natural balance will gradually re-establish itself. The stress levels will start to drop, and at the same time, you will be able to cope with stress in a better way.

Body Rest

It is important to rest your mind and body. Every form of life has evolved and grown through a

balance between rest and activity. Work smarter to reduce the time and use your energy efficiently. Avoid distractions and find means to become an efficient worker. Allow the body to rest from time to time - short little power breaks during the day.

Exercise Exercise is one of the best ways to relax your mind and Ayurveda agrees with the same. According to our experts, a casual walk for ten to fifteen minutes every morning will provide a better sense of you as a person and the people around you. Besides, a morning walk also assists in resetting the circadian rhythm which will eventually work wonders for your sleep cycle.

Diet Your diet plays a vital role in nourishing your mind and body. Fruits and vegetables significantly reduce stress as they are rich in antioxidants that help in tackling stress and fatigue. Stress can produce free radicals and cause hormonal changes that could turn out to unhealthy for our body, mind, heart, and immunity.

Sleep One of the leading causes of stress can also be tracked down to a lack of sufficient sleep at night. Insufficient sleep leads to fatigue, irritation, problems in digestion. According to Ayurveda, rest is essential to have healthy relationships, enhance creativity, and good general health. Indian herbs such as Jatamansi and Valerian assist individuals in having excellent natural sleep and is known to have a calming influence on the mind and body. Ashwagandha promotes resistance to stress and helps us strike a balance between mind and emotions.


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