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A lifelong Interest and deep passion for Ayurveda, Yoga and Healthy Living, has led me to ​gain experience over the years in Yoga Philosophy, values of Yogic Traditions and Meditation Techniques which has enriched me in the understanding of health and clear choices that support a balanced way of living.

Yoga and the ancient knowledge of Ayurveda, gives me total fulfilment in life and gave me the opportunity to create Naturevibes to helps us restore inner balance and once again reconnect consciously with the environment and the world that surrounds us.  

I wanted to create a site where you can understand what Ayurveda is, how you can benefit from the profound Ancient Knowledge that has so much to give which can lead you to a balanced diet and lifestyle and improve your overall Well-Being.

I wanted to create a product that others could benefit from as I have. After suffering from hair loss and hair thinning, tried various remedies to bring back balance to restore my hair quality, the roots by nourishing the scalp with various oils and shampoos that I reached out in the current marketplace.

I have always been drawn to natural pure products being a vegan, living a simple healthy diet lifestyle and being conscious of Mother Earth and natural resources around me.

This gave me the opportunity to further my studies from Yoga to Ayurveda and achieving my qualifications in Ayurvedic Diet and Lifestyle which gave me a chance to become a Consultant in Ayurveda I was able to gain inner experience of natural remedies and the power of herbs which led me to team up with an Ayurvedic Herbalist to gain knowledge to create  my very own magic treatment Hair Loss for my brand Naturevibes.

This has now allowed me to combine my teachings of Yoga and giving advice on Ayurveda the ancient wisdom which has been around for over 5000 years to use in a modern day lifestyle and the environment we live in.       



Founder Sarika Kohli

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