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Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique is a profound healing session which can bring a powerful transformation into your life.

QHHT was developed by an American hypnotherapist Dolores Cannon who had been working in the field for over 50 years. Dolores Cannon left a legacy of over 18 fascinating books on past life regression, life between lives, Subconscious healing which brings people from all over the world to QHHT.

During the session we experience a past life regression and have a contact with the Subconscious. The person achieves a deep state of relaxation which is similar to between sleep and awakening state where we can access deeper knowledge and receive healing.

The power of QHHT lies in communication with the Subconscious which is the guardian of all knowledge and information. The Subconscious is the power within every person who takes a very good care of them and looks after them in every moment of life. The Subconscious also knows very well the body of the person and can help to understand the connections of the emotions and the physical ailments and heal them.

Who is QHHT for?

QHHT is suited for anyone above the age of 16.
Only exceptions are people with a psychosis or schizophrenia diagnosis. 

QHHT Session is suitable for those on a personal and spiritual journey of Self-Discovery and Healing themselves.


 Spiritual awakening, that  QHHT can help you with are:


  • Feeling lost about life.

  • Feeling like a past trauma or blockage need to be released/healed, but you are not sure what it is or how to let it go.

  • If you suffer from long-standing physical issues that they have been unable to find solutions for.

  • If your curious to learn more about your past lives.

  • If you want to uncover your deeper purpose in life.

  • If you a strong cosmic connection to other star systems, and curious to explore the connection.

  • If you want to know deeper meaning about the nature of the soul and its journey.


This session lasts for approximately  3 hours. 

Availability: weekdays and weekends 

Location: Hayes / Your Home Environment  

The session consists of:


Prior to the session the client prepares a list of questions on different subjects that are important to them in their life. These questions can be related to health, personal, relationships, work, life purpose, their past. The client brings the list of the questions to the session and during the interview we discuss them in detail.

The session:

The session begins by the induction the process developed by Dolores Cannon to help the person to achieve the deepest state possible through guided imagery and relaxation. The person then usually experiences one or several past lives in order to see what messages it has and how it can help them in their life now. After the past life we connect to the Subconscious of the person to receive the healing and ask for the guidance for their current life.

Past life regression:

Typically we see one past life and go through the most important days of it. This process greatly varies on the person and what the Subconscious wants to show to them. We discover who the person was in a past life.

We then move on to the end of the life to see how it finished and what lessons it has for the person in their soul development. Every life has a meaning and a lesson and our job is to find out how this past experience can help you in a current life.

​Past life regression can help to receive healing, release the old emotion pain and traumas, find causes for different feelings and patterns in this life and receive inspiration for the current journey.

The Subconscious:

This is the most beautiful part of the session as we contact the true power within the person. The Subconscious exists within each one of us and is always ready to help to guide us and support us. The Subconscious talks to us through intuition, images, sensations and feelings.

During the session it is possible to contact the Subconscious and ask it for guidance and healing. The level of healing depends on the Subconscious to do the work and on the openness of the client to allow this process. 

The Subconscious heals with energy. This is the most powerful healing energy that exists and it is capable of curing physical illness and emotional pain. The Subconscious often finds the cause of the problem and connects it to a personal experience in their life depending on the situation. They then work on healing that part of the body through high energy and vibration. The person may experience warmth, tingling, a sense of moving energy, a feeling of release and letting go. Major shift is possible during QHHT session but it is important for you to assist the process and be open to it.

End Session:

At the end of the session we take time for the person to come back to the full consciousness and orientate themselves in the present time and space. It is usually clear what the person needs to do as they have felt or heard it themselves during the session. The person takes some time to process the effect of the session and we discuss the main points together. We go through what was recommended to be done if necessary and share whatever we need to discuss.  You will receive and listen to the recording of your session that you can listen many times over and over again.


Please don’t take any alcohol or drugs of any kind in the morning or the day before the session, as this will interfere with your ability to go into hypnosis. Try and have a quiet morning before you arrive, the more relaxed you are, the more that you will get out of the session.

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